The Google Panda Algorithm Update of 2022 and What it Means for SEO

Google Algorithm Update

Since 2011, Google has been working to combat content farms, poor-quality websites, and websites with poor user experience and engagement. This effort has been going on behind the scenes at Google under the name of Google Panda. The update has become one of the most powerful ranking factors in Google’s search engine algorithm. And it continues to evolve over time as Google learns more about what makes great content great and what makes bad content bad. In 2022, we will see another major revision to the algorithm that started it all — Google Panda.

Background on the original Google Panda

In February 2011, Google introduced a new algorithm update. The update has been nicknamed Google Panda because of the remarkable effects that this algorithm had on some websites ranked on the first pages. This update impacted websites’ rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) by prioritizing high-quality content over low-quality content, even if those lower-quality sites had higher rankings than the higher-quality sites. 

In order to rank better in SERPs after the Google Panda Algorithm update. Website owners have either needed to have very high-quality content or focus on ensuring their sites rank highly for a small number of key phrases. After all these years and with recent changes in how we browse the internet. Google has announced an upcoming change to its ranking algorithms.

Google Panda Algorithm Update of 2022

How The New Version Was Discovered

When the Google Panda Algorithm 4.2 update was released on March 30, the Panda team left a hidden clue in their announcement that hinted at something new. A Panda egg sitting on top of a bigger Panda egg (yes, like the eggs from Easter) was seen in a Google logo background image when scrolling through their update page. This small image was large enough to indicate that there would be another future change with an eventual release date.

As soon as we discovered this foreshadowing we dug deep into what this could mean. It is rumored that panda updates will occur more frequently. Which can have positive or negative implications depending on how your website is set up. There are also reports that Panda updates may no longer affect individual pages but instead target entire websites.

What is Changing in This New Google Panda Version

In this newest Panda update, Google used search data to rank quality websites based on their content. This means that people searching will be able to find high-quality sites that answer their questions. With these new changes in place, users will find fewer irrelevant or low-quality pages. Websites should see an increase in traffic as a result of the Panda update in SEO.

Businesses that have not updated their sites yet should take this opportunity to make any necessary improvements before Panda goes live later this year. A website audit may reveal some helpful insights into how your site is being perceived by potential customers. 

Some things to think about when looking at website analytics are the number of visitors coming from social media sites like Facebook, the number of visitors coming from mobile devices, and what percent of visitors are returning to your site after visiting once. A successful Panda update in SEO can help improve all three numbers.

Google Panda Algorithm Update of 2022

Businesses Should Already be Preparing

When we hear the word panda it conjures up images of large, adorable bears in a zoo. The word is also used to describe an algorithm update by the company Google that changes their search engine results page (SERP) ranking factors to remove spam. This algorithm will make your sites rank better. As long as you’re keeping your site fresh with new, quality content, your site will be rewarded for having high-quality content that provides value to users.

Panda updates are intended to penalize those who use low-quality links or have duplicate content on their pages. Sites can be hit hard if they have pages built around affiliate marketing programs. Keyword stuffing, or other black hat practices that try to fool Google’s algorithms.

How to Prepare For This New Google Panda Update

Google has never released how exactly Panda functions. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Panda update that is on the top of most people’s minds. Hopefully, this post will shed some light on what we do know about the Panda update so you can be prepared for a new one in 2023 or 2022. Panda aims to reduce web spam by demoting low-quality content from search engine results pages (SERPs). It does this by scanning sites based on their quality, determined by a number of different factors.

  • Is the information in the article unique? Does it include actual journalism, actual research, or original analysis?
  • Would you be able to trust the information in this post?
  • Is this post produced by a knowledgeable specialist or enthusiast, or is it more superficial in nature?
  • Are the topics chosen based on the readers’ actual interests, or does the website create content by making educated guesses about what might perform well in search engines?
  • Exists content on the site that is redundant, overlapping, or duplicate on the same or related topics but uses slightly different keyword variations?
  • Would you feel secure providing this website with your credit card information?
  • Is there any factual, grammatical, or stylistic error in this article?


Google Panda Update

In conclusion, the new updates from Google will definitely make things more complicated than they already are. It’s essential to stay up-to-date on the changes so you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. There is no way to be sure what might happen when the panda update arrives in 2022. But these few tips should help get you started in your research. 

We hope this post has helped answer some questions about the future of Google Panda Algorithm Updates and what we can expect!


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