Learn The Basics Of PPC Marketing And Other Crucial Tips

If you are looking to give your business a thrust with tactical marketing techniques or if you are looking to learn the basics of PPC marketing then this blog is the perfect place that can guide you accordingly. The identification of your business components including leads, competitors, and brand awareness is necessary for the long run. At a moment when the world is grappling with the global pandemic, most businesses are switching to online models that require intense doses of marketing lessons, which can boost your business in a short period. That is when you need PPC marketing.

So what is this wild term called PPC marketing?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an intense form of marketing model that helps you to place your advertisements on various advertising platforms (or search engines) like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc, and brings you online visitors who might turn into your customers.

The advertising platforms charge a nominal fee from you when your advertisement is clicked and you get a visitor. The whole process is based on critical algorithms and ranking methodologies and it all starts with a query.

So what is a query? A user query or search query may be a word or a string of words based on a specific search expression that a user enters into a web search engine either to read some information or even buy something.

For example, if you are searching for “buy automation software” on Google then you can see an IBM ad popped up at the top who is advertising its automated software and services on Google.

Search Engines like Google are the most popular advertising platforms and Google Ads are the most popular form of PPC marketing. The main goal of Google is to connect a user to your business where he can perform an action like buying a product from you. Like Google Ads, you also have Microsoft Ads, Linkedin Ads that operate with a Real-Time Bidding process where it allows you to place and display your ads relevant to a user query.

How Does This PPC Marketing Help You Generate Customers Or Leads?

For doing PPC marketing, you need to understand campaigns and few other factors (bidding amount and score of the ad quality) that will need intense planning and management from your side. Some say it is a little complex process. But don’t worry; you have all the expertise with us to help you.

Google gets a massive amount of traffic/users every minute who comes there to search for something. Alphabet’s sister concern earns over 97% of their revenue from ads and it does so by auctioning your ads. Let’s understand the process minutely.

It involves two parties; you and Google. You will find and bid on the best keywords based on your business while Google will help with automated evaluation and analysis for auctioning and positioning of your ads. So the important question is when an auction gets triggered.

An auction is triggered when you or many advertisers are bidding on certain keywords that Google finds appropriate to the user query.

What Will Be Your Ad Rank Or Position Of The Ads In Google Ads?

Two factors, as described above, are important to determine your ranking and position of the ads. They are Bidding Amount and Score of the Ad quality.

  1. Bidding amount is defined as the maximum bidding amount that you have specified for the best keywords. It is a nominal or a petty charge that goes to Google.
  2. The score of ad quality is defined as a metric that determines how good your ad to the user query is. The higher this score, the better. This metric is subsequently dependent on 3 critical things namely CTR, Relevance, and the Landing Page.

The CTR (Click-Through Rate) is calculated as the ratio of the number of clicks on your ads to the total number of impressions. For example, if you have 4 ad clicks with 90 impressions, then your CTR is 4/90 or 4.44 percent.

Now, the Rank or Position of your ads is measured by the multiplication of bidding amount and score of the ad quality. To make it simpler, let’s look at the table to understand comprehensively.


Max Bidding AmountScore Of AdRanking (Bidding Amount x Score)

Company A




Company B



Company C



Company D$6.502/10



Hence, Company A is a winner and ranks higher than other companies. The bottom line is that you must have a great ad, which is relevant to the user queries, and an impeccable landing page.

How Much You Have To Pay To Google If Your Ad Is Clicked?

Now that Company A is the winner in the auction and bidding, let’s figure out the actual payment that will be deducted from it by Google. The general notion is that if you win in the bidding gamble then you have to pay the minimum amount from your maximum bidding amount. So you always have to pay less than your bidding amount.

The formula to determine this figure goes like this.

Actual CPC = Ad Ranking Of Following Company / Your Score of Ad + $0.01

i.e. if you consider this table below, then

Actual CPC of Company A = 24/9 + $0.01 = $2.67


AdvertisersMax Bidding AmountScore Of AdRanking

(Bidding Amount x Score)

Actual CPC (Cost Per Click)


Company A$3.009/1027$2.67
Company B$4.006/1024$3.01
Company C$6.003/1018$4.34
Company D$6.502/1013Highest CPC


Crucial Tips For A Good PPC Campaign Or Google Ad

There are many things, which you can enhance your PPC ad campaign but in this blog, you will find below some crucial tips that can raise the quality of your ads. If you are a small business and competing with major online giants then you must focus on building a credible PPC campaign or can get some professionals to do it for you.

  1. You must brainstorm and find out relevant keywords and turn them into strong keyword groups to use in the ad campaign.
  2. Write a relevant ad text that is more specific to the user query.
  3. Focus on the score of the ad. The higher, the merrier.
  4. Use a convincing landing page that has relevant content and a CTA (Call-To-Action) button.
  5. Use your creativity to enhance the quality of the ad using relevant texts.

Once you master the art of creating quality ads then you can get the real charm of PPC marketing i.e. inbound clicks and customers.

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