Best SEO Strategies for eCommerce Business

Over the past few years, the scenario concerning businesses witnessed massive changes. Earlier retailing shops used to be the only source of goods until eCommerce sites showed up. Now, more than 20 million websites around the world conduct businesses online. Experts predict that in the next 15-10 years, 90% of businesses will have an online presence.

When it comes to eCommerce websites, SEO strategies for eCommerce are of prime importance. With so many businesses around the world as competitors, you require effective SEO strategies to rank your site on top.  While there are other digital strategies that you need for business development, SEO strategies always remain on top. 

When the SEO strategies are strong, your website will feature high when a product-related item gets searched. When a customer searches for a product related to you on the internet, your eCommerce site will come on top and your product will get a recommendation. Such an instance will boost your sales and make your eCommerce strategies successful. 

Now that you know the importance of SEO strategies, let us find out how you can implement them as one of the best strategies for eCommerce.

Best SEO strategies for eCommerce

  • Finding Relevant Keywords Related To The Product And Industry.

SEO strategies revolve around putting up content that will attract your customers to try your products. Find out the right keywords that will help your content rank high on the search engine. Figure out the search intent of the keyword, its volume searching, and the cost-per-click. Consider using tools like SEMrush, WonderSearch, Soovle, etc to conduct a search for effective keywords.


  • Facilitating User Usage

Your eCommerce strategies will fail if our prospective customers find it troublesome to access your product. Here you must ensure that your website has a user-friendly layout that would facilitate easier accessibility. Keeping a check on the page speed here is necessary while the number of clicks to the product must not exceed two or three. 


  • Prioritizing On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most effective SEO strategies for eCommerce to rank your eCommerce website at the top of the search engine results. On-page SEO on an eCommerce website includes optimization of product category pages and the product themselves. Some of the effective on-page SEO strategies are as follows;

  1. Optimized Meta descriptions and titles.
  2. Go for shorter URLs with rich keywords.
  3. Write an engaging product description with the most effective keywords.
  4. Implementing Schema Markup.
  5. Go for interlinking in your content as that will help direct your customer to the product directly.


  • Individualistic Product Descriptions.

Why would your prospective customers buy products from your eCommerce website if they do not have an idea about the same? Here comes the relevance of product description that endeavors to disclose all the necessary product-related information. Ensure that your product description is engaging and transmits every single detail concerning the product. Use everything under your creativity to convince a lead into buying the product through your words. 


Other than writing an engaging description, there are other strategies to implement;

  1. Use the main keyword at least three or four times.
  2. Use magnetic words like “Sale” or “buy”, along with ones like “Flat 50% off”, “Zero Shipping Charges”, etc.
  3. Ensure that the details and specifications of the product get highlighted. 
  • Increasing Site Loading Speed

Increasing Site Load Speed

Your eCommerce website will lose out on a greater business opportunity if your website takes generations to load. Not every customer is patient enough to wait and neither should you keep loopholes expecting the same. Remember that your eCommerce website is not the only shopping site available. A minute discrepancy can make you lose your customer to the competitor sites. Here you must ensure that your eCommerce site loads in the blink of an eye. When a single click allows your prospective customers to check your products, they spend more time exploring your site and might end up buying the product. 


  • Avoid Images With Higher Size

Images with a larger occupancy and resolution usually slow your website loading. You would not want to leave your customer staring at a blank screen right? Opt for smaller-sized images that would facilitate higher loading speed, besides enhancing customer engagement. 


  • Defer The Use Of Stop Words

Stop words hinder the reading experience of your content, thus disengaging the prospective leads. Remove such words and use lines that drive more engagement and better readability. Common stop words are “And”, “The”, “Of”, etc. 


  • Consider Backlink Use

Sometimes driving customers from a third-party website is one of the most effective SEO Strategies for online shopping or eCommerce websites. Guest posting is one such way of effective backlinking, provided the third-party website is an engaging one and relates with your product. 

Above are some of the most effective SEO strategies for eCommerce development. Implement these strategies to find your business reach newer heights of excellence. 

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