7 Quick Tips To Check Your Site Will Rank or Not?

You know that more than 1 Billion active websites exist in the world. Now, you must be wondering why this figure, right?

Just to tell you that you’re not the only website owner who thinks that their site will rank or not? In this highly competitive market, millions of websites do their best to rank and ready to replace the top rankers by hook or by crook.

In case you have the best rank then, unfortunately, you’re in a situation where a wrong step or other’s right step can cause a downgrade and loss in rank as well.

Besides, you should know those tips that affect the ranking of your webpage in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) just to avoid such unfortunate circumstances. You should also aware of all techniques of Local SEO before creating and designing a website for a business.

However, being a top ranker and standing tall there, both are different things. Here, you’ll come to know about those tips that can avoid your website from a downgrade in ranking.

Top 7 Site Rank Killing Reasons

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means copied content from other locations (URLs). When you post duplicate content which is a copy from other websites then, it is pretty confusing for the search engine to show which post. This can directly impact the ranking of the site.

However, it is a double-edged sword, it can work positively for you sometimes but, maximum times give a negative impact.

2. Haven’t Listed in GMB

In case you’ve not registered your business with Google My Business (GMB) then, how can you think that your site will rank? It won’t because GMB got some potential that helps your business site to rank higher.

Moreover, GMB is a very easy and free way to register your business account or profile. Google prioritize linked account with GMB and shows a little higher in the SERP.

If you mentioned everything in the business profile then, Google will reflect an improvement in ranking for your website.

3. Leverage Social Media

When you have a website then, you may try everything to become a top ranker. And, in that process, most of the site owners do forget about social media.

You should know that Social Media plays a very important role when it comes to Google SERP. Google finds those active websites and ranks them a little higher.

However, for that, you need to have a social media handle to keep updating the updates consistently and regularly, which shows that your site is not stagnant.

4. Consistent Content Delivery

Being consistent is a good thing but, when it comes to ranking higher in Google SERP then, it is the trickiest factor.

Now and then posting can have serious trouble in the ranking. Just to avoid that you need to have a content delivery strategy with a strict marketing calendar.

It is not easy to deliver the best quality and consistent content. Every content could have some potential issues so take time to fix it and then get ready to publish the article.

This doesn’t only improve your writing skill but, it will pose a positive impact on the site ranking.

5. Mobile Friendliness

Maybe you’re doing your SEO perfectly.

Maybe you’re delivering each possible factor that could help your site to rank higher and higher.

Again and again, you check your result, and still, your site doesn’t rank higher.

“What possibly could have gone wrong?”, is that what you keep asking yourself.

The problem is that you don’t have a mobile-friendly site.

In today’s world, mobile plays an important role in the growth of many things that also includes website growth. Most of the user uses the mobile to search and find the result for that.

In such a scenario, you can’t afford to not have a responsive mobile-friendly website.

6. Haven’t Indexed Your Site

If you have a website and want to see that in Google SERP and for that you just typed your main keywords but, didn’t find your site.

Went from one page to another page, still nothing!

Tried to search your website with the website profile but, still no result on the SERP!

The reason behind not having your site on Google SERP is that Google hasn’t indexed your site. This often happens when you’re new in the business.

Google doesn’t index your newly created webpage because you could have mistakenly blocked the Google crawler to index your site or your website has a missing Robot.txt file.

Fix this issue and, enjoy ranking higher on the site within a few time.

7. Site Speed

One of the most harmful as well as worse feeling for a searcher is when they need to wait extra seconds to load the site.

It happens when you’re a slow site loading speed. In that case, Google degrades the ranking of these sites because people like fast booting sites so do Google.

Your website will not rank higher because of two different reasons.

First one, Google prefers to rank fast-loading websites.

And, next one, as your site has low boot time, its bounce rate turns high which directly affects the ranking.

Slow site speed could be because of various reasons like unresolved and unresponsive URLs and not optimized images.


So far, you’ve seen all the top tips to check your site will rank or not without waiting for a year to see the result. By avoiding these rank-killing reasons, you can have a sense of satisfaction that your website will rank higher with time. So better to imply these tips while creating and designing the sites for the betterment of your business.

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