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How to Generate Leads using Social Media?

Every growth plan should contain a strategy for acquiring new and relevant leads. This can be the most challenging aspect of marketing your business to a larger audience. The good news is that if you know how to properly use social media, it could be your most thriving lead generation tool. With over 3 billion online users around the globe, social media is a perfect way for businesses to reach out and attract new clients. It’s just a matter of putting the proper strategies in place at the opportune moment. 

This blog will teach you the best ways to generate prospective customers or sales leads using social media. 

4 best ways to generate leads using social media

  • Floating special offers on social media sites

Conducting a contest or freebie-centric ad is a fantastic method to keep your social media followers involved and happy. Because there are over 3 billion social media users globally, you don’t have to think about the quantity or number of participants.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You may launch advertisement campaigns on almost all social media networks. For example, creating a Facebook Page will allow you to run a wide assortment of content marketing and advertising campaigns. All you have to do now is discover how to publish the greatest ad possible. A well-designed ad can help you save money on advertising while also making a powerful impression on your target demographic.

Giving away gifts/freebies/merchandise to prospects or leads is extremely beneficial since it provides a solid inducement for online consumers to act. Customers might be asked for the information you need to move them along the sales funnel. To increase your social media conversions and engagement, you can also urge people to tag others in their posts or follow your account.

You can track your progress to ensure you’re getting closer to your campaign’s goals as long as you know what they are. Make sure you have quantifiable, actionable goals before you start your ad contest. As a result, the next gift you give will generate even more leads than the one you previously engaged them with.

  • Hosting live streams

For a variety of reasons, live streaming has dominated social media in previous years. Businesses previously had no way of interacting in real-time with a worldwide audience. Live video may now be used by businesses to interact with customers, collect feedback, and generate leads.

Around 40% of B2B salesmen estimate that using social media reduces the amount of time they spend researching potential leads. Social selling or social commerce is the practice of using social media to discover, understand, and nurture prospects. There’s no better way to sell something on social media than with live video. 

Because it’s simple to put your viewers in the proper way, live video or live streaming is an excellent alternative for inbound marketing, which offers genuine prospects. With live videos, you can literally direct your prospects to appropriate landing pages, blog posts, product sites, and other resources.

It’s also simple to create a customized interaction with users through live broadcasting. You can respond to inquiries immediately rather than waiting hours or days. Customers receive a clearer picture of your brand, its values, and why they should buy from you.

  • Creating a Facebook Group

Each and every social media platform can produce leads for you as long as your target demographic is available on the World Wide Web. Facebook Groups are a unique tool of social media marketing that allows people with similar interests to connect and share their experiences.

Facebook Groups are used by over a billion individuals, giving your business plenty of opportunities to generate prospects and referrals. Furthermore, many of these Facebook groups can be made private and given restricted access (gated content), making their content gated and impactful.

You may supply customers with the most up-to-date brand information, offer exclusive offers, collect feedback, reply to questions, and much more through a Facebook Group. Your engagement rate will increase as you connect more enthusiastically with your audience.

  • Promoting high-quality gated content

Gated Content- Digi Updates

People are more interested in something when they have limited access to it. Hence, when gated content marketing is integrated into your social media strategy, consumers are more inclined to participate. Gated content marketing works because people are curious about what extra you have to offer that others don’t.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, over 51% of respondents said that social media has influenced their purchasing decisions. The radical intelligence of social media has an active influence on buyers and leads’ purchase decisions and actions. As a result, people are more inclined to interact with something uncommon that is related to their interests when they come across it.

The following are some examples of gated content –

  • Content Upgrades
  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Resource Guides
  • Templates
  • Webinars

High-quality leads who are more interested in your offer and ad campaigns are attracted by gated content marketing. Users that come to your site with no clear goal in mind are less likely to provide their contact information for your lead magnet. Those that understand the value of your product, on the other hand, will convert quickly.

By publishing on social media and marketing your gated material, you may entice users and audiences to join an exclusive group. Reminders can also be incorporated into your email marketing to remind subscribers why password-protected information should be accessed. 

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