6 Quick SEO Checklist to do On Page Optimization in 2023

In the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), every website owner, as well as digital marketers, think of ranking higher. Ranking higher doesn’t only increase brand awareness; it boosts organic website traffic and credibility. That’s when and where this Quick SEO On Page Optimization Checklist comes into action.

SEO is the set of modern and upgraded techniques that on application drives more organic traffic to the specific website from the search engines. Almost every digital marketing firm and brands offer this service to their clients.

Additionally, on-page SEO optimization helps you to create and generate more and more leads for your business. Apart from these it offers long-term benefits like inexpensive and builds audience loyalty and engagement.

With the application of SEO, each website can achieve the best possible rank in the SERP. As we all know, SEO has two hands- on-page and off-page SEO. Where on-page SEO stresses the HTML source code of each site and content importance. And, off-page SEO focuses on the website’s profile with inbound authentic and relevant backlinks.

Now, let’s jump into the SEO on page optimization checklist.

On Page Optimization Checklist: Check Whether You Tick Off or Not.

As time goes on Google changes its policy and updates its core algorithm. With these regular updates, Google focuses on the website with the best user experience and offers rewards to those web pages.

However, apart from keywords, there are a lot more factors that affect the ranking of web pages on Search Engines, especially Google. Here, let’s check out the Quick SEO On Page Optimization Checklist that is responsible for driving more traffic to the particular website.

1. Add Descriptive URL

When you ask one of the best digital marketers like Neil Patel about URLs then, he will say URLs must be as short as they can. According to former Google Techie, Matt Cutts, the landing page URL with 3-5 words is very responsive as well as an increase in preference possibility.

Do you know that up to 60 characters in the URL are considered the best, most responsive, and preferable URL?

Unfortunately, Not! Isn’t it?

Concise and shorter-length URLs get more click-through rates (CTRs), unlike complex and long-length URLs. Moreover, you can also use primary keywords in the URL and stop using filler words like “to”, “the”, or “for”.

2. Optimize Images

Images deliver the best user experience and drive a higher ranking. With the addition of images on the landing pages, the webpage becomes easy to consume, memorable, and engaging after complete optimization.

Ensure these below-mentioned factors when you prepare an on page optimization checklist for SEO:

  • Image Name & Alt Text: Like Humans recognize and understand the images, Google bots can’t. Bots understand the accompanying text added to images. So, adding a descriptive image file name will help the search engine bots recognize the user search.
  • Image Size: You know loading speed also depends on the size of a web page. The lower in size, the faster the speed of page ranking is. Alternately, page speed defines the ranking of the website for both mobile and desktop users. Up to 200 KB is an ideal image size considered for better optimization.

3. Titles, Meta Titles & Meta Description

Ensure that Titles, meta titles, and meta description is added to the website. This helps Google to list the website higher in ranking and allows users to understand what exactly this page is about.

Apart from user experience, the titles and meta titles must not exceed more than 70 characters. This helps and boosts the ranking and traffic of the website.

4. Page Speed

Speed is everything in this business. If you don’t want your readers getaway then, use the following mentioned steps precisely:

  • Optimize with CSS and JS
  • No Unnecessary URL Redirections
  • Optimized Images
  • Enable File Compression & Cache
  • Server Response Time
  • Regular Look at Page Speed Insights

5. Content

In on-page SEO, content plays a pivotal role in the website’s ranking or traffic. You need to get the content right with the following factors:

  • Structure
  • Readability
  • Comprehensiveness

Adding the most suitable and perfect titles, assigning headlines, and descriptive paragraphs can increase the website’s credibility.

6. Links

Ensure that your website has proper linking strategies to keep the audiences or visitors engaged with both internal and external links.


Progress with time is the basis for development whether it is about Human or man-made things. Likewise, to rank on the search engine higher, the webpage needs to satisfy all considerable aspects as well as needful factors included in the latest upgrades of Google.

Just to achieve success with efficiency and effectiveness, follow the all-above mentioned SEO On Page Optimization Checklist for a website. It was only about on-page SEO, which is a part of SEO, you can’t imagine how beyond SEO can go to resolve all website-related issues and problems.

Moreover, follow the comprehensive checklist and enjoy the trending website with millions of traffic in a certain period.

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