7 Tips for Ranking in Google’s featured snippets in 2022

Ranking in the Google search engine is the biggest priority for any website as that would aid in their lead generation procedure and drive their associated business venture to new heights. Generating a higher search rate on Google isn’t always the same. Google keeps on adding new features that you must keep catching up with if you wish to keep your website ranked high on Google. 

Nowadays, Google snippets are the call of the day where it has become a necessary input for numerous websites to rank higher than their competitors. The rise in Google snippets usage from 2014 to 2016 itself is a validating testament to its relevance. Snippets aid the websites to track lead generation, boost conversions, and driving traffic sales. Research by HubSpot showed that content having a featured snippet can drive twice the traffic as other regular content. 

Before you utilize the tips to rank high in Google’s featured snippets, you must understand what Google snippets are;

What is Google’s Featured Snippet?

When you search for something or try to find some answers on Google, you would find multiple Google featured snippets available. Snippets aid in giving a position to the concerned content which the content community refers to as Zero Position. Under normal circumstances, snippets consume most of the space provided under search results and appear on top of others. Google will proceed by responding to your search with content driven by snippets, followed by the other search results lined below. It brings out such snippets from the already existing high-ranked content as well as the ones with a lower ranking. 

Google snippets will boost your company’s prospects way above the regular field and other competitors. Besides dominating the SERPs, they bring the gift of widespread exposure that will help you learn with everyday website work. A study by Ahrefs exclaimed that 99.58% of the featured snippet pages rank among the top 10 SERPs on the Google search engine. In addition to that, the data revealed by Getstat revealed that 70% of the top-ranking snippets are from the lower-ranking websites or content.

Featured Snippet Types

There are three major featured snippet types;

  • Paragraph: Put the search query in a Header 2 subheading for a paragraph. You can involve anything you wish to present in the Google snippet immediately below the heading in the paragraph tag. This is particularly crucial that you involve or write the search query or keywords at the beginning of your article in Heading 2. You can include definitions, answers and related information in the paragraph to help Google with the answer, which could be the user or search intent.


  • Table: Google is well known to extract and analysing table data, as well as information from other content types like paragraphs and headings. This is done by Google to improve Featured Snippets and Rich Answer results. Tables and HTML Tables in your content give Google the perfect opportunity to take the mark of your inclusion in the table and push them as featured snippets.


  • List: Lists are another sort of content that can be included in Google’s featured snippet. Google identifies important information from the bullet points and assists the user with their search query, also known as bullet points. To enhance rich answers, insert lists at the beginning or within a paragraph.

Tips to show up on Google’s Featured Snippets. 

Now that you have an idea about Google Featured snippets, it is time to know 7 tips that will help you in getting a higher ranking in the search engine;

  • Find out the competitor’s snippets through tools like SEMrush

SEMrush might be a Google Analytics resource but is a mentionable tool to find out the featured snippets. SEMrush aids in finding out the featured snippets your industry competitors are using. In addition, you will also get to know about the snippets that help in ranking your website. 


  • Utilizing Google to Track the Snippet Opportunities

You can uncover the various snippet opportunities when you start discovering how your prospective customers think. When you implement snippets with the customer-related questions, the ranking automatically goes higher. It is equally important to rank your page first in the top 10 search results for a given query. Ranking in Google SERP also ensures a good amount of web traffic, which is very necessary for featured snippets.


  • Referring to “Answer The Public” for progressive Content ideas

Questions make up for most of the featured snippets where you must answer the questions that will solve the customer’s issues.  Here “Answer the public” platform comes in handy to get some trendy and valuable content ideas to formulate a convincing Google featured snippet. Just type the topic that concerns you and there will be multiple questions appearing on the screen. Here you can choose any question frame that resonates with your point of view and implement the same in your words.


  • Keyword Research is a must

Whenever the aspect of ranking content on the Google search engine arises, the first thing happens to be implementing the necessary keywords (for that keyword research is very crucial). Keywords here refer to the words used by prospective customers to search the products and services related to your industry. Using these keywords in your snippets will increase your website visibility and propel the chances of attracting more traffic and better lead generation. The best tools for keyword research are SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Research, etc. 


  • Continue Answering Questions

The more you answer questions related to the customer’s doubts, the more are the chances of better snippet performance. When customers trust that they will get a solution to their problems from your website, they will come back every time for answers. Answering FAQs is also a good option to rank your content. Note that your answers should be very precise to the questions.


  • Keep a track of the word count

Having the right amount of words in your content is important as Google has to fit the content in the designated space. Keep the answer precise and effective. An ideal snippet should not go beyond 40-50 words. 


  1. Utilizing Headers

Headers add more definition to your content and make visibility easier. Divide your content into distinctive paragraphs with headings and subheadings for the reader to get clarity. Note that when you fill your article with nice content, then use formatting options to beautify the whole article. Doing this makes your content unique and readable, which is very crucial to Google. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know the seven best tips to use Google featured snippets, what are you waiting for? Utilize the tips through your snippets and find your content ranking above your competitors.

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