24 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2023

If you are maintaining an online business, it is important to attract traffic to your website. It is also positive that you can use multiple platforms to showcase your business but in the end, very few will show you concrete results.

This blog will acutely touch on high-priority things that you can implement to further your marketing process and business agenda.

24 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website In 2023

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website? 24 Authentic Ways To Do It

  1. Improving the Page Speed: Usually, online businesses happen very fast and if your website is slow, you won’t be able to catch the visitors, and moreover, returning visits from previous customers will drastically reduce. If your website is taking more than 4-5 seconds to load, you can expect a severe reduction in traffic.
  2. Implementing Voice Search: Talking or saying something is faster than typing it for Google Search. Hence, customers are increasingly adapting to voice search rather than text search. You should consider this future technology and attract voice search-based prospects.
  3. Using Long Tail Keywords: Gone are the days of short keywords due to huge competition and inefficient competition. If you are looking to generate quality traffic, then long-tail keywords are much more suitable to enhance your niche. Remember, niche sells and so do long-tail keywords. You can use SEO tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc. to find the best niche-based long-tail keywords that are more relevant to the user’s intent.
  4. Working on quality backlinks: At the end of the day, you might have written some good content but if you are posting to untrustworthy and spammy websites. If you are intentionally doing it, then you should know that black hat SEO may curve down your website’s reach and traffic. So building quality backlinks to relevant websites is highly recommended.
  5. Adding fresh content regularly: Content is still the king of SEO and online traffic. If you are adding fresh content or product on your website on a regular basis, it allows users to re-visit your website on the basis of new discoveries and searches.
  6. Staying alive in the GMB: Google My Business is a great tool. You can not only use GMB to update your profile, address, and product/office photos but also can write fresh content that will bring in new reviews and queries for your business. Regular GMB updates also help to influence local searches.
  7. Using landing pages: The most efficient way to determine users’ intent and experience is by using landing pages intelligently that will help you to track and analyze traffic or visitors.
  8. Avoiding plagiarized content: Plagiarism leads to penalties and can turn worse if Google decides to remove your page. Plagiarized content also competes with each other leading to lesser traffic. So, use new and genuine content.
  9. Avoiding keyword cannibalization: Keyword cannibalization will lead to a reduction of traffic on original content due to self-competition. Avoid it by using different keywords to distinguish your content or posts properly.
  10. Spying on competitors: It is important to take lessons and more importantly, spy on your competitors. You can then learn your weakness and their strengths and vice versa. You can use tools like Hootsuite, SEMrush, LinkedIn, and Majestic to get a closer look at your competitor’s methodologies.
  11. Using videos and presentation: You can just rely on text-based content when you can do plenty of other things using your camera and creative instinct. Using Slideshare presentations, fresh images, and videos is highly important to increase traffic to your website in 2023.
  12. Using effective On-Page SEO: You must give due attention to the On-page optimization that includes relevant and optimized content, meta-data, header tags, title tag, Alt-text for images, etc.
  13. Finding and engaging similar niche businesses: Sharing is caring. Similarly, you need to find and engage with other businesses in a similar niche to interchange comments, reviews, and even interlink backlinks with them for better authority and traffic.
  14. Optimizing XML sitemap: The XML sitemap allows Google to identify important pages and categories on your website. In CMS-based platforms like WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO Plugin to create and optimize the sitemap and submit it in Google Search Console.
  15. Writing SEO-based content: Simply writing and uploading them to your website or other pages won’t work to increase traffic. It must be SEO-compatible content that features fresh products/content, and delivers users’ intent properly.
  16. Auditing content: Rather than writing new content every day, you must focus on previous content and check its metrics. You should also check content accuracy and relevance and update old information with new ones.
  17. Taking surveys and quizzes: With a clever survey and quizzing process, you can pull out vital information and answers that can be useful in understanding the visitors and customers.
  18. Using Quora and Medium: These two sites allow you to publish guest posts, or answers related to your business and you can use basic HTML editing and styling to make attractive content while backlinking them.
  19. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr: These three platforms have huge traffic and you can use groups, comment sections, posts, chatting, and targeted ads to bring their traffic to your website.
  20. Using social share: You are free to use technology and hence, don’t hesitate to use social sharing buttons at the top or end of the content. It allows others to share/reshare your posts.
  21. Using online forums: With the help of forums, you can invite your customers to one place and discuss new products, services, and problems that need online support. You can also create new content on the forums to drive traffic to your website.
  22. Publishing Press Release: You can publish interesting product launches or the latest services via syndicated PR sites like Taboola, Outbrain, Slideshare, OnlinePRNews, etc. to get new types of audiences and traffic.
  23. Using Alexa: Alexa is a free tool that will deliver competitive factors to determine your position in the market. You can use it to spy on your competitor and know their ranking and traffic sources.
  24. Writing Guest Posts: Guest posts are still relevant in 2023 that can increase traffic to your website. But avoid plagiarism and promotional guest posts, which are certainly negative for Google and Bing.

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